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End the high turnover headache

Our team has over 10 years’ experience working with dealerships and the DMS systems, we offer a lower cost, and putting an end to the headaches high turnover can create within the accounting and administration department. We do operate from our remote office in Winnipeg and utilize tools such as VPN or other remote networks, Zoom and other tele conferencing applications for communication, e-mail, & phone contact all which make the service function efficiently in an off-site setting. When required as well as a general meeting we do come onsite for different purposes.

we know dealerships inside & out

With many years’ experience as Controllers & Managers our lead team has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of a dealership and what’s expected of the accounting departments as well as current knowledge on industry analytics and know firsthand the discretion and accuracy required for such a service not just with posting invoices and entries but also any shared documents are shredded on site in a timely manner and financial information is not shared with anyone except the controller assigned to your file and your team on site, any passwords are kept under secure settings and access. AAN has a strict confidentiality agreement with our employees and with our dealers.

Accounting Services

Services offered include but are not limited to:

AP Processing

Process Invoices from your accounting e-mail, and OEM site.

AR Processing

Apply payments to customer accounts, call customers to request payment be made to onsite staff.

Deal Processing

Post deals for new, used & wholesale including dealer trades.

Bank & Credit Card Recons

Process credit card invoices and recon on separate schedule.

Fixed Asset Schedule Maintenance

Determine qualifications for fixed assets and ensure Depreciation on schedule is up to date.

Prepaids and Other Accruals

Keep up with schedule and items requiring expense or accrual.

Prepare Financial Statement

Including stats for submission of the financial statement to the OEM.

Performance Submission

Prepare stats for performance supplemental.

Other Controller Services

Other reporting or adjusting entries.

Floor Plan Recon & Other Recons

Recons and schedules maintained for many key accounts.

Analytical Analysis

Reporting or studies as requested.

We can work
AS or WITH your accounting department.

Our company was spawned out of the need for dealers to have trained accounting staff especially in rural markets where candidates with experience could be lacking or finding experience on the management system and with the OEM. Due to high turnover in some areas of the country dealers have contacted us to process there invoices from there accounting e-mails as well as their OEM site, Post Deals, post reoccurring entries, Maintain the Bank reconciliation, Fixed Assets Maintenance, Prepaids, & Other accruals as well as Produce a financial statement, statistical data, or complete a year end package and more. Sometimes these arrangements are short term in between turnover and sometimes we are the best solution and become a permanent fix, we can work as your accounting department or with your accounting department in any capacity including with your controller or as your controller!


Our team has worked for dealers under OEMs such as General Motors, FCA, Honda, & Ford and operated on DMS systems including Reynolds, Quorum, PBS, & CDK. We can work with any manufacturer and management system.


How is it possible to complete this service remotely?

Through applications like VPN, e-mail, scanner, internet and  phone we can complete over 90% of the accounting teams’ functions. Some functions may or may not have to be shuffled to other manager if not already in place such as paying out the floor plan, or approving bank transfers or GST return if access is not granted

Do I need someone on site in my accounting department?

Typically, yes one person is required to manage the mail, files, and other onsite information and organization and filing duties as well as reception. In most cases we work with the controller who is on site however there are cases where we are doing the controller duties.

What concerns do dealers usually have with the service?

Many dealers’ express concerns surrounding bank account and credit card information as well as the Canada revenue related items. While AAN has a strict confidentiality agreement we recognize this concern and don’t require access to the bank or require that specific information at no point will AAN ask for this information  all we need is a copy of the daily bank transactions off the summary and a monthly full statement less the bank account details to ensure full reconciliation, another internal manager will require access to do the functions the controller would do if none exists.

For the CRA we can be added to REP the client or another internal manager will be required to submit the returns.

Do we ever go to the stores?

Yes we have been onsite to every client usually when the agreement is signed we will inquire of the staff onsite to ensure the process goes as desired and all accesses are obtained to begin processing, depending on need we do go on site for other reasons as well.

Do you do payroll?

Payroll is not our core service but as Controllers and Office Managers we have run payroll many times on pay works or our clients inhouse payroll systems such as classic software, this is something we can do as part of our service but not as a separate component all together, ultimately we would enter the data given by the authorized manager onsite and review basic deductions were taken as per the CRA or other inhouse requests.

What are the benefits of the service?

Many of our clients experience a reduction in their admin costs, as well as stability within the department especially for our clients who experience higher than usual turnover due to remote locations. For these dealers while the savings is always attractive the consistency within the department was a relief, less turn over meant less training, interviews, and paperwork, leaving more time for other projects or oversight for the remaining staff.

Where do we provide services?

All of Canada and the USA.

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